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  Travel is a very good means of broadening a person"s perspective. It makes you come into contact with different cultures, meet people of different colors and go through peculiar rites and ceremonies. Travelling much, you will not only enrich your knowledge and experiences, but also be aware of the vastness of nature.

  Travel may also relieve person of boredom and gloom. Travel brings you enjoyment and attraction. It gives you a pleasant experience, which will disperse your boredom and make you forget whatever annoys you. Travel broadens your mind and leaves you good memories. Later, you may go over these memories and enjoy your past experiences,thus keeping a fresh and sunny mind.

  The field"s his study, nature was his book.

  Travelers can choose different modes of transportation which have advantages and disadvantages. Airplanes are the fastest but also the most expensive. Buses and trains are less expensive, but they soon make you feel cramped and uncomfortable. Ships provide you with comfort unless you get seasick. Most people can afford traveling by bicycle, which, although slow, can limber up your muscles and get you closer to nature.


  I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What"s more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it"s like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. Just forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You"ll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don"t even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don"t forget to bring your backpack!


Last sunday. I and my father went to changsha. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired,it began to rain,My West Lake silk umbrella missed,. Dad said to me,“bobs, don’t do anything halfway.”at last,So I insisted reached the top, the top of the scenery so beautiful.We were flying kites, .finally we went home.finally,Since then, I"ve kept the umbrella。i was very happy


  It is universally acknowledged that tour can make people feel happy; traveling is a good way to relax oneself. Tourist data shows that people in China made a great contribution to the world tourism, and it’s more and more popular for people to go out for vocation. Though reports criticized that tourism had brought harm to the environment, I still believe in the rising pace of tourism.

  Well, there is no denying that at this moment, tourism has caused some problem to the environment, but what I want to emphasize is that such damage are raised by people, as long as we improve the environmental consciousness of our citizens, as well as perfect the public facilities, such as adding more dustbins to convenience tourists; building cafeterias to offer meals to them. I believe within a period of time, the situation can be relived.

  Environment itself also has the ability to recover itself. Years ago, when there were no so many tourists, and no industrial pollution, trees grew well, flowers smelt good, sky was blue, water was clean. Why the nature seems so unnatural now? It must be our own problem, for we have took too much, but paid back too less. Think how we treat our land. It is really unfair.

  Just as I mentioned before, tourism had brought great profit to our economic, whatever scenic spot it is, it must has the relationship with our land, our trees ,our water, etc., everything can’t separated from earth. So as you see, tourism won’t bring harm to the environment, but ourselves.

  It is good for us to go out to feel different culture atmosphere, and to see different local conditions and customs, but remember, protect our nature resources.