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    Yuan Longping (born September 7,1930) is a Chinese agricultural scientist and educator,known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s.His "hybrid rice" has since been grown in dozens of countries in Africa,America,and Asia —providing a robust food source in high famine risk areas.

Mr.Yuan won the State Preeminent Science and Technology Award of China in 2000,the Wolf Prize in agriculture

and the World Food Prize in 2004.He is currently is DirectorGeneral of the China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center andhas been appointed as Professor at Hunan Agricultural University,Changsha.He is a member of the Chinese Acade my of Engineering,foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences (2006) and the 2006 CPPCC.

Mr.Yuan was born in Beijing,China.He loves playing Majong and the Erhu (Chinese violin),swimming and motorcycling.







There are a lot of great people in China. From ancient times to the present, they are very patriotic. I really admire them. Of all the great Chinese, I think Yuan Longping is the greatest.


Yuan Longping is the father of hybrid rice. When it comes to him, most people respect him very much. Yuan Longping listed such a formula: Knowledge + sweat + inspiration + opportunity = success.


In 1960, a rare natural and man-made disaster brought about a serious food famine. All the people were thin and hungry... Yuan Longping also experienced the pain of hunger. He witnessed the harsh reality, remembered the old society and the hardships of the common people, so he wanted to cultivate new varieties of rice with his own wisdom.


In the experimental field, he found a different rice plant, different from ordinary rice. The difference between them lies in the huge difference in rice yield. This discovery surprised Yuan Longping. After careful searching, this was the only one in the huge experimental field. After careful observation and statistical analysis, it is proved that this rice is a natural hybrid rice Proved that this kind of rice has obvious heterosis phenomenon, he excitedly made it into a specimen, took a picture and sent it to his assistant, and went outside to look for it.


He and his assistant searched for a long time, and finally found six precious natural rice plants at a water edge. The results of the first cross were not ideal, and new problems came again. Rice is monogamous and self pollinated, so it is difficult to get rid of the male flowers one by one.


In order to overcome the worlds problems, he bent down in the experimental field every day, taking good care of rice trees, as if he were his own son. When the next batch of rice was successful, he just walked into the field and rushed out excitedly, looking up and laughing: I succeeded! My hybrid rice is successful After repeated cultivation, the yield has jumped from 800 Jin / mu to 1600 Jin / mu. By 2020, the yield of rice stem is higher than that of Zizania latifolia, which is more than 2000 Jin / mu.


Yuan Longping has made a great contribution to China, which has fed more than one billion people. It has also made due contributions to the world. Now hybrid rice has been popularized all over the world. I will study hard and repay my motherland in the future.












   Yuanlongping is a great scientist who is devoted to agriculture. Let me introduce him. From an early age he was hard-working and was curious about everything, that is why he was given the nick name, “the student who asks questions.”。He studied agriculture in collage and began experiments in crop breeding. He thought that only by crossing different species of rice plant can we solve the food problem. 

Step by step, Yuan became the leading figure of the rice-growing world. In 1970 he made a breakthrough which is supported by government. Yuan made a contribution in agriculture, not only to China, but to the whole world. As far as I am concerned, he is more than a scientist. He is a hero.